Discover the Unpredictable in ‘Prometheus’

Charlize Theron is about to battle herself at the Box Office. While this is not uncommon in the film world, normally a studio waits at least three weeks prior to another studio’s release with the same actor. ‘Prometheus’ is opening just one week after ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ and luckily shares very little in common with the latter film. ‘Snow White and the Huntsmen’ is a dark adaptation of the classic fairytale. ‘Prometheus,’ on the other hand, is set in the late 21st Century with an on-board crew researching, in Space, for answers to what happened to Earth’s civilization.

‘Prometheus’ marks the return of Ridley Scott to the Sci-Fi genre, a genre he is famous for thanks to ‘Aliens.’ After traveling through various civilizations, the crew finds what they’re looking for, which could also lead to their death. Shot entirely through 3D cameras, the trailers for the film show a high tech and visually stunning production values, and critics have commented on this pro. Some of the cons mention that the film features plot holes and reductive narratives. The film currently has a 75% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the best of the major motion pictures released recently, after ‘The Avengers.’

Starring Michael Fassbender, the aforementioned Charlize Theron, Guy Pearce and Swedish actress Noomi Rapace, the film’s viral campaign online featured some of these actors promoting the ‘Prometheus’ through fictional speeches and product promotions. Amazon also had a hand in promoting the film through similar products sold online, this being the first time in which an outside studio had direct access with Amazon to consumers. 20th Century Fox, the studio behind distributing the film predicts an opening of $30 – $35 million, which would be a severe disappointment, considering the film was created in 3D and is estimated to have cost over $120 million to create. Box Office analysts believe that it could open with up to $50 million, but will likely fall under the third film in the Madagascar series, also opening this weekend. Can Charlize have a different #1 movie, for two weeks straight? Regardless of expectations, the film’s generally good ratings suggest that it is one to check out. ‘Prometheus’ is out in theaters now.


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My name is Luis Mendez and I have received my Bachelor's Degree at the University of Nevada, Reno in Business Management. I also be completed my minor in Information Systems by May 2012. I have had many opportunities through the University of Nevada, Reno to practice and grow in my presentation and writing skills. Through Career Networking programs, I have also submitted my resume to many leading companies and interviewed for potential employment. My goal is to pursue a career in Marketing for a major film or music company and eventually become a Marketing Director.
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