One of Poe’s Greatest Adapted for the Big Screen – ‘The Raven’

Where is Hollywood getting all its ideas lately? Most of the films in theaters right now aren’t original, but rather adaptations of former TV shows, long novels and sequels to already existing characters. This time, Hollywood decided to take a stab at adapting the famous poem by Edgar Allan Poe called ‘The Raven.’ This film follows the poet as he sees him poem come to life when a string of similar murders occur. The murders prompt the authorities to enlist Poe for assistance in capturing the murderer. Poe’s urgency to find the murderer and delve into his mind escalates when his love interest is captured.

‘The Raven’ is rated R and was seemingly created for all viewers over the age of 18. The language isn’t hard to follow and John Cusack stars as Edgar Allan Poe. With a fast moving trailer and an intriguing plot the film looks to be good. However, if critics are to be trusted, ‘The Raven’ may be somewhat of a dud.

‘The Raven’ has a 21% on Rotten Tomatoes this week, which is only bested by ‘The Lucky One’ as the worst rated major motion picture of the last few weeks. What are critics saying exactly? The film had a mix of reviews saying that the plot is interesting, but it’s not executed as well as it should be. Some say it’s too gory, some say it’s not gory enough.

The production budget for ‘The Raven’ is $26 million, with a marketing budget that may, perhaps, just pass $40 million. With an estimated opening of $8 – $10 million over the weekend, that total budget may not be acquired. Whatever the case, this may be a film where you want to avoid the critics rating. After all, this is an Edgar Allan Poe adaptation. ‘The Raven’ is out in theaters now.


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