‘American Reunion’ Brings the People of East Great Halls Back for One More Time

‘American Pie’ has gone through its fair share of sequels. From the theatrical releases ‘American Pie 2’ and ‘American Wedding’ to the four straight-to-dvd releases, ‘American Pie’ has been a very profitable franchise since its debut in 1999. As you could tell from my previous blogs, there has been an abundance of sequels released this year and in recent times that are not always hits with their older audience. An example of an older film I haven’t posted about is the thriller ‘Scream 4’ released last year. While the surviving cast of the prior three films returned for this sequel, they were not made to be the main stars.

Whether or not the writer of the latest installment to the ‘American Pie’ series, ‘American Reunion,’ learned from that mistake is questionable, but make no mistake, this latest film focuses on reuniting each of the main cast members. Jason Biggs returns as the awkward Jim, while Alyson Hannigan returns as Michelle, as well as all of the other members for another raunchy but more adult film to the franchise. As the 13th year after graduating approaches, they decide to meet up for a reunion at their hometown of East Great Falls. Back at home, the characters run into more trouble and hi-jinks as relationships end, form, and Stifler continues being the ultra-pervert.

This film is – simply put – dedicated to long time fans of the film. If you haven’t seen a single one of the original films, it’s not likely that newcomers will start. The films have each grossed over $200 million at theaters internationally, meaning there is a large audience for them. But with the last film featuring the original characters out nearly a decade ago, is there still as large of an audience?

‘American Reunion’ is expected to pass $20 million according to Box Office Analysts. That would put it under the last three films but still a relative success. ‘American Reunion’ has gotten mixed to negative reviews which is less than its predecessors. While the film isn’t destined to be as successful, it will surely be a delightful treat to fans of the charismatic cast. ‘American Reunion’ is out in theaters now.


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