’21 Jump Street’ Returns from its TV Grave

Hollywood still can’t get enough of remaking former characters for box office revenue. This time around, they chose to bring back the classic ’80s show ’21 Jump Street.’ The film stars actors Jonah Hill and the ridiculously lucky Channing Tatum as Mortan Schmidt and Greg Jenko. They play former police academy students who are assigned to 21 Jump Street after an arrest that didn’t follow protocol. The two are sent to stop a new drug from spreading to other high schools. Stereotypically, Hill plays the smart, but quirky character while Tatum plays the jock.

For a remake, the film has oddly managed to earn mostly positive reviews. It’s done what many other films have failed to; successfully find a way to penetrate every audience. Not only have Tatum and Hill proven to be successful box office leading men, they are likable off screen as well. These two men teaming up for a film was bound to be successful.

’21 Jump Street’ can mostly find an audience in fans of the old television show. Not only was the show a great success, many of the actors managed to become successful in their own right. Men and women alike, who once saw the show were bound to return for the movie. Younger females who tend to become engrossed with good looking men, most likely tuned in for Tatum. On the other hand, young men looking for comedy have turned to Hill and his films in the past. Overall, this film seemed destined for success and its TV spots certainly have a great mix of action and comedy for all ages. ’21 Jump Street’ is out in theaters now.


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My name is Luis Mendez and I have received my Bachelor's Degree at the University of Nevada, Reno in Business Management. I also be completed my minor in Information Systems by May 2012. I have had many opportunities through the University of Nevada, Reno to practice and grow in my presentation and writing skills. Through Career Networking programs, I have also submitted my resume to many leading companies and interviewed for potential employment. My goal is to pursue a career in Marketing for a major film or music company and eventually become a Marketing Director.
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