The Controversial Dr. Seuss film ‘The Lorax’ is Poised to Become a Huge Hit

What better way to celebrate the 108th Anniversary of Dr. Seuss’ work, than to release the feature film to one of his most popular books? ‘The Lorax’ was first published in 1971, and now, 41 years later, the feature film stars Taylor Swift and Zac Efron as the main characters in this highly anticipated cartoon film. The book begins with a young boy asking the fictional character, The Once-Ler to explain to him why the world is in it’s current unfavorable state. The Once-Ler explains how trees were cut down and the book urges kids to take a stand in making their world a better place.

The movie, by the same name, has met much criticism since the trailer first premiered. Many protesters have complained that the marketing for the movie tries too hard to push the eco-friendly concept and products to kids. Critics who have seen the movie, claim that the film strays too far from the book. Further, ‘The Lorax’ has been tied to over 70 product integration deals where many have been deemed hypocritical, such as the gasoline powered 2013 Mazda C-X crossover SUV. So what does this all mean for the film that opened today? Absolutely nothing.

Dr. Seuss films have done well at the Box Office, with ‘The Cat In The Hat’ grossing just over $100 million in the US. Both ‘How The Grinch Stole Christmas’ and ‘Horton Hears A Who’ have grossed over $150 million in the United States. While ‘The Lorax’ has come under considerable fire as of late, early Box Office reports for Friday suggest the film can open with around $50 million in it’s first weekend. Considering the film cost under $70 million to make, this film appears poised to become another big profit for Universal and Illumination Entertainment.

View the trailer on YouTube and decide if this is a film you would like to go see. It is clearly aimed towards children and their nostalgic parents, environmentalists and non-environmentalists alike. The reviews are mixed, controversy has been brewing for some time, but that doesn’t change the fact that this is a film to a popular and adored Dr. Seuss book. While ‘The Lorax’ may contain a clear message against polution and waste, isn’t that what most of us have been following? Despite the backlash, ‘The Lorax’ has benefited from the publicity and looks to become Dr. Seuss’ next big hit. ‘The Lorax’ is in theaters now.


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