How does my blog offer value?

So what does my blog bring to the table and how can it be of value to you? The answer is simple. I’m an avid fan of movies of all different genres. I can easily generalize my view for any demographic you’re looking for. The importance of seeing a movie objectively is that I can give an opinion that will differ from those who don’t watch all types of movies and simply judge films by their trailer.

When I see a trailer on TV, I’m generally looking for a captivating story. Something that will draw my attention and something I wouldn’t mind going to see with family and/or friends. If a movie is targeted towards a certain demographic, I look at it from their point view. For example, The Vow recently came out in theaters, a film starring Rachel McAdams, from Mean Girls, and Channing Tatum, from the Step Up franchise. I search for the inner 28 year old woman in me and ask myself, “Would I have any interest in seeing this movie?” The answer should be a yes but it may not be. What seals the deal may be the other promotional tactics from major studios. Am I seeing posters on busses and theater walls? Are the actors promoting the film effectively. All this and more come into play.

So while I may not be offering advice on how to motivate yourself, and I’m not a professional in this field, I do offer a Business student’s viewpoint on Marketing for films. My genuine interest in both films, and marketing should assist my blog posts. In future posts, I plan on dissecting the marketing for current films. Please stay tuned as I’ll be posting a blog post this Friday and Saturday.


About luisemendez

My name is Luis Mendez and I have received my Bachelor's Degree at the University of Nevada, Reno in Business Management. I also be completed my minor in Information Systems by May 2012. I have had many opportunities through the University of Nevada, Reno to practice and grow in my presentation and writing skills. Through Career Networking programs, I have also submitted my resume to many leading companies and interviewed for potential employment. My goal is to pursue a career in Marketing for a major film or music company and eventually become a Marketing Director.
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